Centennial Learning Center

Primary Sources


Docs Teach, an online tools for teaching with documents from the National Archives, offers an expansive collection of primary sources on Women’s Rights and Roles in American History.


Selected images of the woman suffrage movement from the Library of Congress, including photographs, cartoons, campaign literature and more.


The Digital Public Library of America created an online exhibit of primary sources related to woman suffrage; includes teaching guide on same site.


The United States Census Bureau uses census data and primary documents to illustrate the history of woman suffrage.


The Wisconsin Historical Society provides online documents and other primary sources from Wisconsin woman suffrage history.


Online exhibit of primary documents by the Office of the Illinois Secretary of State.


COM Library presents a large collection of primary documents on “Women’s Rights and Suffrage Movements;” full access limited to subscribers.


Women and Social Movements in the United States offers an enormous collection of documents on “The Struggle for Woman Suffrage, 1830-1930,” including resources for teachers; full access limited to subscribers.


The National Susan B. Anthony Museum and House has collected several historical speeches from suffragists and abolitionists.