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The passage and ratification of the 19th Amendment was possible because local, state, and national organizations and activists fought together for change at every level of society and government. Today, local groups are banding together across the country to preserve local suffrage history and honor the ongoing work of women's equality. Discover what is happening in your state today for suffrage.

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2020 WVCI has partnered with the Votes for Women Trail from the National Collaborative for Women's History Sites to create a national, crowd-sourced, guided map of sites that were integral to the American suffrage movement. Become a historian and add sites from your local area to the map, or follow the trail and discover the depth of the fight for the ratification of the 19th amendment.


Hire a Suffrage Scholar or Performer

There's never a dull moment when an Ida B. Wells historic interpreter walks into a room. So bring a suffrage scholar or performer to your next program, and watch the audience engage in new ways as they learn the story of suffrage from those who know it best.


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Do your part now to help 2020 WVCI honor and celebrate the centennial of the 19th Amendment.



Across the country, events and programs large and small will celebrate and honor the work of America's suffragists. And we'll need dedicated volunteers to make it happen. Let's get going.


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The 2020 WVCI Manual is your first step in planning centennial events, memorials, celebrations, EqualiTeas, and conversations in your local community. Get started today!


Centennial Resources

Template for press releases about local programs/events.

The American Association for State and Local History has issued a Centennial Value Statement to assist groups in planning 2020 celebrations.


Do your part now to help 2020 WVCI honor and celebrate the centennial of the 19th Amendment.

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2020 WVCI is run by a volunteer Task Force composed of a broad range of groups and individuals committed to women's history, and we want your help.


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